AGATHODAIMONs dark metal avantgarde is displaying a huge variety of styles combined to a new musical cavalcade. Poetic lyrics, misantrophic, yet darkly romantic and conterintuitive melancholic, sourrounded by devastating riffs, rooting in black- and deathmetal, decorated with modern keyboard elements, carrying earwick melodies and atmosphere.
Lifted up from the cradle in 1995, the band since then always strived for progression and evolution, beginning with the early works, their cult demos "Carpe Noctem" and "Near Dark", their milestone-debut "Blacken The Angel" that pressed forward more than expected and continued with the progressive "Higher Art Of Rebellion"-album, which widely crossed the borders of black metal. "Chapter III" then displayed the quintessence of their history and also the turning point for "Serpent's Embrace". Their latest opus showed a band that is operating on a high musical level, far away from following any trends or restrictions of genres. Guitarist/vocalist Sathonys explains:

"AGATHODAIMON has always been a band that tries to develop its style into something unique, while having an eye and ear on the song structures and steady progression of the band. We don't try to be different just for the sake of it. Our progression will always be a natural one. The songs became more mature with every release, some things simply shouldn't be rushed if you want to achieve a convincing result."

Meanwhile, the recordings for PHOENIX are finished, the first gig with the new line-up went well, more are to come- and a release date is already set to 20th of March 2009!